Congratulations on your big engagement! You just announced to the world that you are in love (or maybe just changed your status on Facebook). Now you want to start planning the wedding of your dreams!

Here at Ray and Julie Photography we pride ourselves in capturing fantastic engagement photos, with our own unique style guaranteed to to put you at ease in front of the camera.

Ray & Julie x

Why is the pre-wedding photo shoot important?

It a great way for us to get to know each other before your wedding. Some people can feel awkward if we have only met you once briefly when you booked us! It’s important that you are comfortable with our style and we get to know you on a personal level, so your wedding images can truly reflect your personalities and your love. Take the engagement shoot is like a dress rehearsal.

Where should we do the photo shoot?

We usually do your engagement shoot in the surrounding open areas near our studio in Beverley. But we are more than happy if you feel more comfortable, at the beach, a park or a favourite spot where you go often. We like to have your Engagement Photos not look the same as everyone else’s. Once again we want the engagement shoot to be a true reflection of your personalities.

When can we do the pre-wedding photo shoot?

We usually say within three or four months of your wedding day. But if you have a specific date in mind let us know, if we can accommodate you we will.

What should we wear?

We usually advice something that reflects your personality and that you feel comfortable in. But something that when you look at your photos you do not think oh dear… Large patterns and big logos on t-shirts can be distracting so they aren’t the best choice, but we are more than happy to advise further.

How much does the pre-wedding shoot cost?

Nothing! Yes that is right it is complimentary. Unlike some photographers we have included it in to all our collections, because it benefits us all. You are more relaxed, we get to know each other better and you get the confidence in what we can capture. So it is a win win.

Can we bring our dog?

Absolutely! If you are bringing a dog all we ask is that you bring someone with you, that can handle the dog when we are doing photos without him or her. Be sure to bring a leash.

We really hope this small section of engagement photography FAQ’s has helped? In some way hopefully choosing the right photographer for you, we obviously hope it is us if not we wish you all the best. If you still have any further questions or need any advice please GET IN TOUCH.

If you have liked what you have seen of our small selection of images in our portfolio, and would like to enquire about a pre-wedding shoot, please get in touch


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