I am Jennifer! I am a walking contradiction, both calm and excitable, introverted and extroverted. I laugh so hard that I cry and I cry so hard that I laugh. I am so incredibly full of love that I can’t help but let it spill out onto others. 

Since I can remember, I have felt a buzz inside of me, this little buzz tells me that I can create big and beautiful things and that I am capable of so much. I love connecting with others who feel this same excitement and energy.



what i do.

I am a wedding photographer, a mother, a wife, a friend to hundreds of wonderful humans and I am an educator. I love helping people. I love taking on a project or a person and making everything better. I love picking apart the areas that need improvement and helping people to see and make those changes.




I want you to excel within this industry. I want you to soar above where you think you could be and blow your mind. 

Through a very calculated approach, this workshop will walk you through ten years worth of enlightenment, tips, tools and inspiration that I have gained within the industry.

 You will walk into your next wedding, next month, next year feeling incredibly empowered and ready to tackle everything with confidence and creativity.



Refresh is a creative workshop designed to inspire wedding photographers and help them feel renewed as an artist. Together Jennifer Moher and Hugh Whitaker have designed a workshop with the goal of pushing you forward with a fresh new perspective, new tools, and a new excitement for your business.

This workshop is for any wedding photographer, looking for new fresh approaches to every aspect of their business and a new appreciation and love for what they do. 




Turning creative ruts into fresh starting points.
Finding new inspiration.
The importance of personal projects.
Branding and marketing strategies.
Maximizing the potential of your social platforms and word of mouth.
Refreshing your online appearance.
Client interaction from first meeting to day of wedding to delivery of product.
Fresh, new approaches to booking clients.
A simplified way of looking at posing.
Setting goals and achieving them.