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I have always been motivated by change. I love the idea of taking something and making it better – whether it be a house, a hairstyle or a business. I love that we can all just be better and improve our lives at any given time.

The Refresh wedding photography workshop came to be when I was in a place where I needed to be better – I needed my work to be better, my finances to be better, and ultimately I needed to improve my life and work smarter, not harder. The processes that I went through became The Refresh. 

My goal is to help others achieve this same feeling, to refresh their businesses and feel connected to their work again.



Refresh is an online workshop designed to inspire and educate wedding photographers and help them feel renewed as artistS. Together Jennifer Moher and Hugh Whitaker have designed a workshop with the goal of pushing you forward with a fresh new perspective, new tools, and a new excitement for your business.


2009 – Bought a camera without having a clue how it worked – Made 500$

2011 – Booked 64 weddings – Made 50K

2014 – Booked 30 weddings – Made 100K

2017 – Booked 20 weddings – Made 100K

Today – Teaching others how to do the same.


This workshop didn’t just “refresh” me… it changed me completely in the most amazing way. It was a year ago now and I had 2 weddings in that first year and this year I have 16 because it made me want this so badly. At the workshop we did talk about technique and workflow but I was so new that I had no idea what any of it was. Since then, Jen helped me with it in mentoring and is still helping me to improve every single aspect of my business. I wouldn’t be where I am without her help and this workshop.
-Danielle Meredith


Working with Jennifer and Hugh was a total game changer for me. I remember processing the content afterwards, and I couldn’t stop spewing out idea’s about how I was going to revamp my business. I took my business from a fun hobby to a successful, profitable business after this workshop. Not to mention how insanely inspiring these people are, they not only challenge you to push your creative skills but they help show you how to do it. This workshop was just what I need, and honestly I’d be tempted to go do it again.
-Kymberlie Dozois


If you are reading this, do it. Just do the workshop!  I have not only reached out to the things I want in my business, I have grown as a photographer and person. Refresh does exactly what it sais; it refreshes you. I have new perspectives, new technique, new confidence, new ideas and so much more! They are not afraid to answer your questions and are truly there to help! After hearing about other workshops, I am so thankful I found this one!!! Thanks so much guys, you have impacted myself and business so much!!!
-Kerry Ford


…to even explain the amount of happiness and confidence it brought me. Being in the middle of a rebrand, hearing all of your knowledge set me on the right path and challenged me to ensure I loved every piece of my new brand. You challenged me in how I think. My style was a little different so I really appreciate that it was never a problem and that you took the time to show me different angles and lighting that would better fit my style and brand. Confidence, I would say that was the theme for me from the entire workshop. I felt refreshed but more so confident in who I was as a person, brand and wedding photographer. Thank you!

– Tracey Jazmin


The REFRESH workshop was a whole new ballgame. With some serious talent sharing their knowledge along with Jen, I had so many “ah-ha” moments I thought my head might explode. From discovering new channels to draw inspiration, business strategy to the fundamentals of how I approach photographing a subject, I have learned so much. It’s incredible to be a part of a community of professionals that have a genuine interest in sharing knowledge, providing support and to top it off are a bunch of down-to-earth individuals you could enjoy a few pints with. Thank you (x a million)
-Jenny Thompson

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