Do you work best under pressure? Are you a ‘crammer’? As we enter another new month (no I can’t believe we are in July either!) all the mums out there running businesses alongside homes will be counting down to the long, summer holidays. Yes you have about 3 weeks of relatively uninterrupted time left – besides the sports days, school plays and other end of term events that is!

But hey the good news is that a deadline is a great focus point. If you know you have 3 clear weeks before the world gets turned upside down and your time is hijacked by the little people in your life, then let’s make the most of those 3 weeks. Create yourself a manageable list of your ‘must do’s’ the things you know you need to achieve asap and then structure them into a timetable, broken down into hourly sections. Firstly enter into the timetable all the things you can’t move ( school play, shoots booked etc) and then you can clearly see how much time you actually have available. Start to allocate time to the tasks on the list, this gives you a plan and a deadline, both elements are massive incentives to get you focussed and at the end of it you will have moved a mountain of work, have a great sense of achievement and you can enjoy the school holidays with the family without the worry of the ‘to do list’ sitting on your shoulder. Happy days!

This way of working may also become so appealing to you that you plan each and every week like this…… This is when your time management becomes really pro active and you start to see tangible results in your productivity.

So, what are you waiting for………..?


Words by Jane Breakell of Aspire

image by Jenny Heyworth of Aspire and White Feather and co

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