Revolutionize your business

£500.00 not including VAT

Revolutionise your Business is an ‘off the shelf’ course designed to put you in the driving seat, Catherine’s inspirational guidance will give you the tools and techniques and more importantly the confidence you need to make dramatic changes you need to drive your business forwards.



Are you overwhelmed by all the marketplace suggestions on how you should market your business? Are you confused by all the social media threads that suggest you could be a millionaire in 6 easy weeks?

Are you tired of this? You know your business is in danger, it’s getting left behind yet you can’t afford to make random and risky choices.

We have been listening to you, we have been attentive to your requests. What did you ask for?

Knowledge that’s relevant to your tribe and culture

Trusted information that’s achievable and practical to implement as you are short of time and money

You want and need to know what to do with all your social platforms. How to manage them once and for all!

Rather than keep thinking about marketing, you need to now start doing the marketing in a way that doesn’t consume your life or money

You also regularly ask for Catherine’s endless energy for business knowledge to be bottled, so we have tried to give you that too, in the format of the 5 video recordings and the LIVE question and answers sessions which we also schedule in across the 12 months.

You also need a list, direction, what to do and when to do it. So we created 5 learning booklets, knowledge packs – they are amazing and will become your daily lifeline

What else? Your private, very private online learning community which Catherine and the Aspire team will shower with tips, what to do, what to be alert to. Plus a great and safe place to communicate. What this is not, is a chat line! You have that covered elsewhere this is about business and is for those serious about business!

If you want to really own and transform the development of your business you need to secure your place today, join the learning chapters and start today!

So what do you get for your investment?  A changed business for £ 500.00 +vat

5 learning chapters – Designed for you, we know you better than you know yourself. We know your tribe too and they need to see a totally different business model – Your consumer has changed!

If you want to remain relevant and proactive, you need a whole new way

Your business will look different

It will behave differently, a whole new way of functioning

It will use social media in a smarter manner – now is the time to study the methods

You are going to become more confident about your business

No millionaire promises just a business in a far better shape

Substantial confidence maintained through our question and answer sessions designed to reach the roots of your challenges

New found motivation and ‘mojo ‘- Inspiring new ideas that will transform how your business looks, sounds and performs

You are out of the fog, no ‘smoke and mirrors,’ no more procrastinating only growth and success – what’s not to like?

”  My motive in creating this programme was driven by my concern for those in business. Don’t be alone any longer. We will build a great You and and even greater business together”

Call us today  01524 782200 or register online, as soon as you join you will be welcomed into the programme – Let’s start to get your business in shape today. Launch date 15th May!