Creating An Intentional Business

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Vibe: This no nonsense programme will give you all the tools you need to market your business successfully, the session is all about attracting the right clients, Marketing is the essential life line into the  business.

The Programme

  • What marketing means to you and your business
  • The desired tribe
  • How to market effectively
  • How to create marketing expectations
  • Marketing your ambitions
  • Finding your voice and tone
  • Designing a magnetised business
  • How to market, market and market a little bit more  ~ the how to do and what to do.

Speaker; Catherine Connor Founder and director of Aspire Photography Training



Vibe: Fire up your mojo and regain your motivation for your business. This is for all those that seek direction, clarity and focus and want to get a buzz back around their business.

The Programme

‘An insight into an intentional business’ is designed to reawaken your passion to develop your business further, you will explore:

  • Your overall vision for the business
  • Your tribe and their habits
  • Your photographic menu
  • Creating a marketing strategy
  • Performance and purpose

Speaker: Catherine Connor founder and Director of Aspire Photography Training


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