Has it stolen your creative oomph?
Creating a business teaches us all such a great deal, firstly it teaches us about ourselves; mainly about our wants, what feels good and what is becoming more and more impossible to live with. If your business is misbehaving, you should gift yourself the time to listen to our ‘10 Life Lessons in Business’ webinar on 7th June from 7pm. If you can’t give the time because your busy life is stealing your evenings right now, register anyway, and receive the recording of the session to listen to when it suits you. If you gift yourself one thing, gift yourself the recording as if you don’t listen you will simply never know what we have to share. Don’t miss out on registering.

Everybody else will be absorbing the knowledge that might transform you, don’t suffer from photographers FOMO (fear of missing out!). There is nothing worse than being the last to know, be the one that’s ahead of the game and the first to know instead.
Why? You want to see a difference, you want change, more for you and more for your life. Let’s shake life up a little, whether you’re looking for a radical change or a little difference, register now and join us.

Your business has the ability to give you not just an amazing life, it has the ability to be the making of you. Let’s start today! I passionately believe time waits for no one, so let’s make sure today is your day for new beginnings.
– Do you need putting back together?
– Do you feel a little lost?
Let us help you. If you want to learn more click, join us on 7th June at 7pm.

Words by Catherine Connor

Image by Jenny Heyworth

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