Your portfolio has a big job to do – it has to inspire you as this will then have a remarkable impact on your marketing and your success! Your photography has to attract the clients that your business deserves. You will be working alongside many incredible photographers who may always seem to be one step ahead of you. Now is the perfect time to step back and evaluate your portfolio, all the imagery that is currently selling you and your business.
What is the purpose of the imagery ?
You image banks have a great deal to achieve alongside inspiring you and your creative excellence as a photographer the images also have to:-

Attract the right clients, your images have to engage emotionally, you desired tribe has to be able to relate to your images.

The images you select to market you, have to market you represent what you do in order to sell the ‘experience effectively.

The images have to ‘up sell’ – encourage sales and inspire confidence in the art of retailing frames and albums.

The images we use for our businesses have a great deal to do, selecting the right images for your brand will be explored by Jane within our Aspire Knowledge Gallery as part of Website Wednesday as their importance is vital to how you develop your marketplace engagement.
So let’s get ahead now – you have no time to lose! The purpose of the attention seeking images you create is to stop people in their tracks on your social media threads so if you feel your portfolio is:
–  Visually predictable

–  Stale

–  Uninspiring

–  Good but not good enough

–  Doing a job, but not lighting your fire

Then now is the time to celebrate your photographic appetite for creative excellence. You know you’re good, you know you have talent, yet your portfolio is far from a representation of what you are capable of. Compromise is never a great feeling, don’t compromise on your imagery, its the one thing we have over most in business. At our finger tips should be a treasure chest of images that melt the hearts of the consumers, the sort of images you would love as a mother, the sort of images you wish you had had captured of you as a child and that you would crave for your children and their children.

Photography has a huge role to play in the homes and histories of our clients, we have to learn how to showcase the right images the type of images that make all the difference to the business and its growth.

If you want to create an attention-seeking portfolio, now might be the time to join us! <>  Let Aspire <>  do the shoot planning – let us create the mood boards and styling concepts. Feel relieved that somebody else is organising the shoot and the models, in fact everything that your education, knowledge and portfolio needs.If you want to reach a whole new audience now might be the time to refresh your image banks and photographic resources. The photographic visual is vital; your images have to project the excellence of your craft.

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Words by Catherine Connor, Image by Jenny Heyworth, both of Aspire and White Feather and Co

Image taken on Aspires Fine Art Portraits course