Are you living the dream? Is being in business all it’s cracked up to be?

We often speak about living the dream, creating a business around your lifestyle all of your expectations too.  Before you dive too far into the summer season give a little time to first evaluating the question ” Are you living the dream, is the business behaving itself?”

Living the dream happily is all about loving what you do. Give yourself permission to only have on your photographic menu the type and style of photography you love – love creating, love shooting, love selling – no compromise. Compromising the business’s product – your photographic menu will only lead to disenchantment. In truth you are not doing the business or your consumer any favours, they would rather tap into what you love rather than what you do because ‘you feel you have to’. Be true to yourself and your values and then the business will be everything it’s cracked up to be!

One of the biggest influencers in the business is you so are you influencing the business enough?

Is the business receiving enough of you – The whole you?
Does the business feel your creativity sprinkled over every aspect, even the dreaded admin?

It’s all about giving the right amount of time and attention to the business without it stealing that precious family time we often speak of. We strive for balance. One of the best things you could gift yourself is to surround yourself with the right people the type of people that will feed you, nurture you and inspire you. Our inner wiring is often driving by how we feel, what we are doing and who and what we are surrounded by. Pause your reading for a moment, give that moment to the thoughts that this post is now triggering……

The biggie for me about being in business is happiness, that’s why we often ask ” what is living the dream really all about,  it’s about being happy. Smiling each morning as the day unfolds, feeling like you are making a real difference to the outcomes not just for the business results, but for you to. You matter!

At some stage you might fall out of love with the business make sure this phase lasts no longer than a day as two days will be costing you too much! Nobody wants to fall out of love with their own business, that’s why what you do and what you place within the business is important.

Your survival kit to constant smiles!

Make sure you’re shooting what you love and what you are in love with
As you are building the business give time to life and living
Be the major influencer in your own business
Be firm with the business don’t let it misbehave
Don’t compromise with the business
The most important thing to most creatives is people, surround yourself by those contributing and not draining
Measure your smiles, if you’re not smiling enough then make the necessary changes, never be afraid of being radical.

It’s your world make sure you create a world which you can blossom from, good luck and join me again soon on our next open day at Aspire – IIth August – great fun and let the smiles begin.

Words by Catherine Connor of Aspire and White Feather and Co

Image By Jenny Heyworth of Aspire and White Feather and Co