Being and creating a business teaches us all a great deal, it teaches us firstly about ourselves, then about others. It also teaches us about how ‘to be’, how to be a grown up, live our lives and so much more. Everyday is a learn and it is so important to be open to the learns, listening, really listening. As your business has the ability to give you not just an amazing life it has the ability to be the making of you!

You can so quickly feel the challenges of being in business, a misbehaving business can too quickly feel an uncomfortable place to be and this is far from the plan. You’re creating a business to become a great place, not just a good place to be. Make sure you take control of it all. Never feel alone and if you do then it’s time to get close again to Aspire. People often ask me -” What do you do for living/” As you know this for all of us is never an easy question to answer, as everybody else’s life seems more easy to explain. Yet I always say the same – “We build people and businesses.”

Do you need putting back together?
Do you feel a little lost?

Please don’t  be alone, even if you can only join us on our Instagram daily, if thats all you can do right now that has got to be better than being alone. If all you can do is reach into the blog each month, do that – but don’t t be alone, remind yourself daily why you do what you do! Stay true to your mission.

Living the dream and living it well!

Before we dive into the 10 lessons I wanted to start here. It’s so important you live your life well. As many know I have just returned from training in Italy at the Graphistudio Castle on our Business and Photography Retreat. A retreat that always teaches me so much about how we can help you more and about what matters to you. Spending a week with photographers night and day, is a real gift.
10 lesson designed to guide you and your photography business
1. It’s important to love what you do – passionately
2. Make sure the business performs
3.Behave yourself! Don’t create mischief in your own business
4. Surround yourself with the right people
5.Enjoy engaging with your business
6.Raving about your business, your bursting with the excitement
7. Make a Connections a with your clients
8. Energy, enthusiasm and effort
9. Are you sending enough traffic to your business ?
10. Celebrate the wins

I am a great believer in “Inviting change,” change that makes a difference not just to the business but to you too. The type of change that makes you feel confident, empowered, sure of you and all you do.

If you want more of the back story behind the 10 lessons listen to the replay of the session here. Listen and make an investment in you and your mindset and you will learn! Discover why I created the 10 Life Lessons About Business as they were written for you, the budding photographer.

Being in business can feel like a living roller coaster – get off for a moment and join me. If you prefer the real deal then come up to Aspire on the 9th of June for our next, complimentary open day. But you must book in as places are limited (and you may go hungry as we do like to feed you!)

” Create a business that strengthens the best of all your abilities ”


Words by Catherine Connor

Image by Jenny Heyworth of White Feather & Co.