They’re only this little once

Yes, I do family photography. Our kids are only small for a short time and I think it’s so important to capture them while they’re still care-free and fascinated by everything (quick! Before they become surly teens!). 

We take a lot of photos of our families. Smartphones are great for that, I’ll admit. But does taking MORE photos mean that we’re taking BETTER photos? I’m not sure that’s the case. Apart from anything else, you can never be in those photos with your kids if you’re the one taking them. Secondly, no matter what those clever folks at Apple come up with, I just don’t think phones can replace proper cameras, great lighting and a professional eye. And selfies? Don’t get me started on selfies. Unless you have arms that stretch to around three feet long, they’re just a substandard type of photo. Repeat after me: you’re better than the selfie. 

 During my family shoots, I keep it relaxed and authentic and very light on the cheese. Kids are just magic to work with and it always gives me a buzz after a day shooting with them. I will spend time with you and yours, hanging out in your favourite place, doing what you love to do. I like a family to shoot to capture the natural, beautiful chaos of everyday life. You know those shoots in Hello! that feature cherubic children, mums in cashmere jumpers and dads with perfectly coiffed Liam Hemsworth hair? Yeah, no, my family portraits aren’t like that. Mine are real, joyful and occasionally messy. Just like real family life. 

For me, becoming a mum was just the best thing ever. And as a mum I know how freakin’ fast those early years go by. The pictures of my daughter from when she was tiny are so precious to me, I’m so pleased I have them to admire whenever I want to. I honestly think I’ll still be gazing at them when she’s forty-years-old.  

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