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I am on holiday with the kids right now visiting my parents who live in the Highlands of Scotland, which also happens to be my favourite place in the whole world. The weather has been pretty rainy and dour, but this morning the sun kept peeking round the clouds so Dad and I got in the car and went for a drive up to Glenfeshie with our cameras. This is pretty wild countryside, literally nothing the other side of this Cairngorm mountain range ¬†for miles and miles. So it was a bit scary when the exhaust fell off the car and we were left stranded up here with no phone signal. Luckily a local gamekeeper found us after a while and managed to help us get back on the road again. We then headed to our favourite coffee shop at Loch Insh to recuperate and take the in the amazing views. For those who haven’t visited this part of the world.. you must. It is simply stunning, majestic and overpowering. All we could hear was the eagles screeching and the river and the wind in the trees. Food for the soul.

Cassius_0086Loch Insh



Tromie BridgeCassius_0080

Insh RoadCassius_0079

Where we broke down!Cassius_0078

Tromie Bridge

The Cairngorm reindeer visited the Highland Folk museum for an afternoon of folk storytelling in traditional blackhouses with gaelic singing, bannock and croudie making on a peat fire, and lots of running around in the heather. The kids loved it. The reindeer are off to Harrods next week – they won’t be able to munch on wild blaeberries there!


Loch MorlichCassius_0104

Spot the kids..pine cone collecting for the fireCassius_0103

Loch Morlich sand angelsCassius_0102


Tromie Bridge


Marshmallows on the fire by the river


Someone always falls in. A temporary glove sock for freezing toes.Cassius_0097

And so the rain begins